A new idea for wild life films?

I've been playing with some wild life film ideas this spring. Its about getting the viewer on board and showing the adventure behind the scenes. In fact, I've only got some real wild life film. Most of the films are about how to get there and what to see.

I've tried my ideas two times. Armed with a GoPro3 Black and a Canon 7D with a 400mm tele lens I've hit the forest and filmed Capercaillies and Black grouse.  These two birds are classic wild life material in Sweden, so there are years of film better than mine of the birds themselves. But I wanted to do something different, more about how to see the birds and the adventure behind that. This concept is still an idea that needs to be developed, so if you have tonnes of money, please send some my way and I'll make a new "Grizzly man". Cheers.


Black Grouse lek in Florarna, Sweden:


Capercaillie lek in Vänge-Östfora, Sweden: