Death in the Siberian Traps

Take a deep breath. Isn’t it nice to be able to breathe? 252 million years ago, oxygen levels plummeted in the oceans and atmosphere. The biggest catastrophe in the history of the earth had started. Now, a group of scientists has narrowed down the dating of the catastrophe. This has gotten them closer to a solution to what actually caused this mayhem – vast amounts of greenhouse gases thrown into the atmosphere. Does it sound familiar?

Congratulations, Charles Lyell!

On November 14, 1797 Charles Lyell was born. Besides that he gave Charles Darwin's important ideas though his book during the journey with the Beagle, he has become known as the founder of geology as a science. To me, he is of most interest from a philosophy of science perspective. The foundation of Lyell's scientific achievement may seem obvious today, and it is about something as simple as brilliant: to use what's here and now. Lyell argued that we must start from now if we are to understand what happened yesterday or any day, that the laws of nature of today are the same that has always existed.